Analite-Discontinued Turbidity Meters Handheld

ANALITE Product Change Notification

NEP-160, NEP-180, NEP-190/195, NEP-9000 Product Change Notification

Product Change Notification: NEP-160, NEP-180, NEP-190/195, NEP-9000 are now discontinued and fully replaced by NEP-5000-LINK, NEP-5000 with 180 option and NEP-9500.

Observator Instruments wishes to inform that the following legacy products have now been discontinued:

NEP-160 Replacement

The new NEP-5000-LINK Turbidity hand held has a wireless interface which allows the user to take field measurements and log the data directly to an Android phone or a Tablet. The NEP-5000-LINK handheld solution is comprised of an ANALITE NEP-5000 auto-ranging turbidity sensor, a NEP-5000-LINK wireless interface and the NEP-LINK Android Application for your Bluetooth-enabled Android device. Simple to operate, can be upgradeable and customized with a wide range of accessories. A NEP-5000 is a compact self-cleaning, auto-ranging field instrument. The sensor is connected to the wireless module for quick field or process readings, record and export loggings, directly from the Android Application.

Analite Portable Hand-held turbidity sensor NEP-5000-LINK App

NEP-180 Replacement

The new NEP-5000 turbidity system has a new circuit which supports digital and analog outputs with optional 180-degree backscatter optics. The probe has the following enhanced features and benefits: • Enhanced accuracy and stability • Enhanced linearity • Can be calibrated by the end user • Can have an optional wiper • Can have optional marine connector NEP-5000 default material, length and dimensions have also changed. Please check NEP-180-NPC for full improvement details.

Analite NEP-180-OP 180 degree turbidity Sediment load monitoring

NEP-190/195 & NEP-9000 Replacement

The new NEP-9500 turbidity system has a new circuit which supports analog outputs. The probe is designed for monitoring and process applications where Turbidity levels of up to 3,000NTU may be encountered.

Analite Turbidity Probes Australia NEP-9500 Legacy analog sensor