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Product Release: Discover NEP-5000-LINK

Observator Instruments New High Accuracy & Low Cost Portable Turbidity Handheld

Product Release: Discover NEP-5000-LINK

Product Release: Observator Instruments is proud to announce its latest ANALITE Turbidity product NEP-5000-LINK.


NEP-5000-LINK is a portable turbidity handheld that combines a high accuracy NEP-5000 sensor with a Bluetooth and power interface along with an intuitive Android Application.

The NEP-5000-LINK offers unparalleled sensor accuracy, simple operation, and an unbeatable price. There is simply not another product available worldwide that can match the NEP-5000-LINK for features and value.

Analite Turbidity Probes NEP-5000-LINK handheld case sensor

The NEP-5000-LINK replaces the now discontinued ANALITE NEP-160 Portable Handheld Meter.

The NEP-5000-LINK turbidity syste

m makes field, process, and lab measurements simple. Auto ranging and auto wiping ensures accuracy at near zero readings up to a high span to 5,000FNU (NTU). For water quality or sediment studies, it measures, it displays, it locates, it logs, and it also sends your data anywhere you want it to go.

Go to the ANALITE Brand web site https://Analite.com.au to get further information on features, specifications, and pricing. For a limited time, a special introductory offer applies.

Analite NEP-LINK-CASE Portable hand-held meter testing turbidity



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