ANALITE – The Australia Turbidity Probe Manufacturer

ANALITE is a brand of turbidity sensor and water quality monitoring products manufactured and marketed by the Observator Instruments. Observator Instruments is a division of the Observator Group which specialises in the development and manufacturing of ANALITE high accuracy field use Turbidity Sensors. Observator Instruments sells it’s ANALITE OEM products directly to many tier one scientific and multiparameter manufacturers or  it’s own line of  ANALITE sensors direct or through it’s Observator Distributor Network.

Analite Turbidity Probes NEP-5000 Digital sensor in case
Analite NEP-LINK-CASE Portable hand-held meter testing turbidity
Analite NEP-CAL-BTL calibration bottle turbidity units NTU FNU
Analite NEP-CFG Calibration Kit for Auto-range turbidity measurements
Analite shroud for Auto wipe turbidity sensors in Australia
Analite NEP-CAL-GFS calibration solution turbidity units NTU FNU
Analite NEP-USB-CON USB Cable output streaming Turbidity data
Analite NEP-LINK-CFG Calibration module portable Turbidity Meters
Analite NEP-LINK-CHARGE Charging adapter Fully waterproof Turbidimeters Handheld
Analite NEP-5000-LINK interface module hook stable turbidity reading

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