NEP-5000-LINK Turbidity Hand Held

NEP-5000-LINK is a wireless interface for the new NEP-5000 family of ANALITE Turbidity sensors. This new development allows the user to take field measurements and log the data directly to an Android phone or a Tablet.

Analite Portable Hand-held turbidity sensor NEP-5000-LINK App
Analite NEP-LINK-CASE Portable hand-held meter testing turbidity
Analite NEP-180-OP 180 degree turbidity measurement option
Analite NEP-CAL-BTL calibration bottle turbidity units NTU FNU
Analite shroud for Auto wipe turbidity sensors in Australia
Analite NEP-CAL-GFS calibration solution turbidity units NTU FNU
Analite NEP-LINK-BAT Portable Hand-held turbidity sensor battery
Analite NEP-LINK-CFG Calibration module portable Turbidity Meters
Analite NEP-LINK-CHARGE Charging adapter Fully waterproof Turbidimeters Handheld

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