NEP-5000 Digital sensors

The ANALITE NEP-5000 ISO7027 90°series of digital turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where ultimate sensor flexibility is a consideration.


Product Description

NEP-5000 Digital sensors

Our successful NEP-5000 family of ANALITE turbidity sensors offers enhanced performances in a small and revolutionary design with greater ease of deployment at lower cost. The NEP-5000 Digital sensors are designed for monitoring and process applications where turbidity levels of up to 5,000NTU may be encountered. Standard ranges are 10NTU, 400NTU and 5,000NTU, but custom ranges are available. The NEP- 5000 Digital sensors are designed for applications that will not allow bio-fouling to build up such as short monitoring deployment or placement in fast and cold running water. The NEP- 5000 may be submerged to a depth of 100 meters (approx.. 328 feet).

The NEP-5000 turbidity probes use 90° optics and employs infrared light in accordance with ISO 7027. All probes use a unique modulation technique that ensures almost total rejection of ambient light conditions as well as a unique microprocessor controlled differential sample and hold circuit for enhanced performance particularly at low turbidity levels.

This product is ideal for portable application, as well as field and laboratory applications for long term monitoring. Simple to operate, NEP-5000 can be customized and upgradeable. Data logging can also be performed using application on your Windows Tablet using Bluetooth communication.

The new NEP-5000 series of turbidity sensors also has the added benefit of a self- cleaning, auto-ranging field instrument. The system can be cabled or directly connected to the wireless module for quick field process reading.

Technical specs



3 Preset Range Groups:

  • Low (example 0-10NTU)
  • Medium (example 0-400NTU)
  • High (example 0-1,000NTU)

Recommended Range Versions:

  • V1 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 1000
  • V2 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 5000
  • V3 NTU ranges: 100, 1000, 5000
  • V4 NTU ranges: User specifiedCustom Ranges available Range Hopping Capable
  • Digital 3.6V TTL (streaming or polled)
  • RS422/RS485 (streaming or polled)
  • SDI-12
  • RS232
  • USB
  • Analog 4-20mA
  • Analog -2.5V to +2.5V (or variations)
  • Factory calibrated using non-toxic AEPA polymer solutions


  • 8-30V DC, 15mA on
  • 40mA reading and 60mA wiping

Interface Cable:

  • 7 core + shield, 6mm nominal dia. PUR sheath.
  • Conductor resistance 45 ohms/km.
  • Weight – 70 grams per meter.

Depth Rating:

  • 200m (660ft) Non-wiping
  • 100m (300ft) Wiping


  • NEP-5000 Delrin models 300 grams (probe only*).
  • NEP-5000 Metal models 770 grams (probe only*).
  • *100 grams connector plus 70 grams per meter of cable.
  • Delrin Composite casing is standard
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Anti-Biofoul CW352H 70/30% Copper/Nickel


  • 320mm long overall nom., 32mm diameter



Download NEP-5000 Datasheet
Download NEP-5000 Manual
Application Notes



NEP-5000 Software 
NEP-5000 Factory Calibration Files 


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Product Features

Field, Process & Lab Application

NEP-5000 Probes typical use include applications such as:

  1. Monitoring of streams, rivers, and water storage
  2. Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
  3. Hydrological run off studies
  4. Ground and bore water analysis
  5. Drinking water filtration efficiency
  6. Industrial process monitoring
  7. Sludge and dredge monitoring