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Shroud mounting


This document is an application note for the shroud mounting on the 90 degree ANALITE series turbidity probes. This Application Note explains how to remove the shroud from the ANALITE probe as part of a regular maintenance requirements (cleaning or calibration for instance).

Observator Instruments highly encourages to order the shroud at the same time of the sensor in order to mark the probe shroud location position onto the probe.

If you order the shroud separately from the probe, you will need to mark the probe yourself using the guidance provided in this manual.

Download NEP-SHRD-Application-Note

Shroud mounting

  • Make sure the wiper does not cover the optics.


Note: Use the probe firmware to park the wiper at the correct position.


  • Observe the shroud has two openings, one large, one small.


  • Place the shroud on the tip of the probe.

  • If you purchased the shroud at the same time of the probe, the probe will be marked with a “dot” to facilitate the installation. Line up the shroud indicator with the probe indicator


Note: If the probe has not been marked up, follow the instruction in Chapter 3, “Mark the Probe”.

  • Make sure that the middle of large aperture of the shroud is in-line with the Transmit Fiber of the optics.

Note: This is essential in order not to obstruct the turbidity reading.

  • Use a grub screw driver and tighten the three screws to seal the shroud to the probe.

Note: Do not screw the shroud too tight.


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