NEP-5000 Software Download

Official release

  • Download the latest version of NEP-OEM, for desktop PCs and laptops (NEP-5000 probes). NEP-OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

C2-2.0030 [16-01-2018]

    • Ability to export autorange jump data to CFG
    • SDI12 change – aI! responce has change to “112OBSERVA.NEP50.2.3000000<CR><LF>”

Download NEPOEM2017_C2 2.030

Analite Digital Turbidity Probes NEP-5000 Marine connector option

Older releases

  • Download the older version of NEP-OEM, for desktop PCs and laptops.

C2-2.00285 [14-12-2017]

    • SDI12 change – SDI12 service request
    • SDI12 change – Bug fix – Command buffer removed
    • SDI12 change – SDI12 responce time reduce to 6mS
    • SDI12 change – Bug fix – aD0! and aD1! values will not update after M commands.

Download NEPOEM2017_C2 2.0285

C2-2.0027 [18-7-2017]

    • SDI12 change – Add extra second to measure response
    • SDI12 change – Add extra 4 seconds to statistical measure response.
    • SDI12 change – all range commands now response as requesting one second processing time and will not return any data values form aDx!.
    • Wiper complete status for SDI12 users. Reads from aD0!. 0 = wiper successful , 1 = wiper failed.
    • PC software shows all NEP50xx wiring information AND Docs can be open via help menu.

Download NEPOEM2017_C2 2.027

C2-2.0026 [16-6-2017]

    • SDI12 change – The command aD6! moved to aD1!
    • SDI12 change – The command aM6! return has updated to 6 para from 5.

Download NEPOEM2017_C2 2.026

C2-2.0025 [9-5-2017]

    • Bug fix fix sensor calibration tabs not showing correct page at connection to sensor.
    • Bug fix SDI12 fix. (~char bug)
    • SDI12 add on(stats out retun m6 command says 6 para out instead of 1 bug
    • Ability select only one output type at ones. Auto turn off the others.
    • Analog raw values bottom end automatically goes to “Power On Raw Output”

Download NEPOEM2017_C2 2.025

C2-2.0024 [26-7-2016]

    • Bug fix in TTL line extra char at end of the sentence.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.024

C2-2.0023 [14-4-2016]

    • Bug fix in analogout and CFG file.
    • Running data Statistical package
    • Add additinal info to call file.
    • added SDI12 commands to read Statistical data.
    • added rs485 commands to read Statistical data.
    • Added command to read tempature in sdi12.
    • Autowipe mode.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.023

C2-2.0022 [23-3-2016]

    • Fix SDI12 timing bug.
    • Save Multipoint Fix data to CFG file.
    • Save calibration time, SN, Firmware ver, PC ver to cfg

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.022

C2-2.0021 [1-2-2016]

    • Auto range modifications and improvements.
    • Calibration interface improvements.
    • PC software improvements.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.021

C2-2.0020 [17-12-2015]

    • Auto range modifications and improvements.
    • PC software indicating recent changes in red.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.020

C2-2.0019 [21-10-2015]

    • Trial/test revision for OEM customers.
    • Explaining new features.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.019

C2-2.0018 [12-10-2015]

    • Auto range made ready for use.
    • Statical output using RS485polled mode.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.018

C2-2.0017 [12-7-2014]

    • SDI12 Bug fix.
    • Multipoint calibration add on.

Download NEPOEM2015_C2 2.017

NEP-495/NEP-395 Software Download

Official release

Analite Turbidity logging sensor NEP-495 for long-term deployment