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Product Release: Discover NEP-5000-LINK

Observator Instruments New High Accuracy & Low Cost Portable Turbidity Handheld Product Release: Discover NEP-5000-LINK Product Release: Observator Instruments is proud to announce its latest ANALITE Turbidity product NEP-5000-LINK.   NEP-5000-LINK is a portable turbidity handheld that combines a high accuracy NEP-5000 sensor with a Bluetooth and power interface along with an intuitive Android Application. The … Continue reading Product Release: Discover NEP-5000-LINK

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Observator ANALITE NEP-5000 Turbidity Sensor

Because of the large number of parameters that need to monitor turbidity? For environmental pros who are in this pinch, the Observator ANALITE NEP-5000 Turbidity Sensor is a good option. This sensor combines high-accuracy turbidity measurements, from 0 to 5000 NTU, with what is one of the most deployment-flexible designs out there. That’s because it … Continue reading Observator ANALITE NEP-5000 Turbidity Sensor

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