ANALITE Turbidity

ANALITE, SYNCHROTAC, and RIMCO brand Products are all manufactured in Melbourne Australia at Observator Instruments Pty Ltd.

The Observator Instruments Pty Ltd sensor mix is as follows:

  • ANALITE – Turbidity Sensors, multiparameter water quality systems, and dredge monitoring solutions
  • SYNCHROTAC – Heavy Duty Wind speed and direction sensors
  • RIMCO –  High accuracy and Heavy Duty tipping bucket rain gauges
  • GILL – Ultrasonic Wind speed and direction sensors
  • SYSTEMS INTEGRATION – Wind, weather, water quality monitoring solutions.
  • R&D – Product development for internal and external clients.

Our products are offered as off-the-shelf stock items or customised systems to clients individual needs.

Observator Instruments Pty Ltd exports worldwide direct or through it’s global distributor network.

Analite Turbidity Probes NEP-5000 Digital sensor in case
Analite Turbidity Probes NEP-9500 Legacy analog sensor in case

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